About us

International School of Music Nepean provides a unique group music program for students from 4 years of age. We offer quality music education for all children in the Penrith and surrounding areas.

Our programs are structured to give the maximum benefit to each student and small classes are group according to age and development. Our curriculum uses a variety of styles and genres to help create  wholistic music education.  We also offer private tuition for older students.

Our classes are fun, nurturing and help develop the young brain with music being an integral part of growth and development. All lessons incorporate aural skills, creativity, performance, musicianship and most important, it is fun.

Here at ISM our approach is to teach music as a language, and is aurally based to maximize learning potential.

Our approach is simply:

“What you hear, you sing;
What you sing, you play;
What you play, you read;
what you read, you write.”

ISM Nepean Staff

Janine Boggs 

Director/Head teacher/Group teacher/Private tuition