New Enrolments

New Enrolments

Studio Policy

The following lists the policies for ISM Nepean in both Penrith and Cranebrook studios from 2019 onwards. Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

Monthly Payments
• Monthly payments are to be paid in advance on/before the 14th of each month. Any fees that are not paid by the due date on the invoice will incur a 10% late payment administration surcharge.
• The monthly payment amount is divided evenly between 12 months from January to December inclusive. It doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 2 lessons in a given month, the tuition fee remains exactly the same. The first payment is due 14th January each year.
• This monthly payment guarantees the student's place ISM Nepean studio and covers the costs of lessons and enrolment.
• There is an annual $100 resource/registration fee payable when registering (new students) or Term 4 (current students). This holds your spot in the studio and goes towards the costs of materials, books, resources, recital costumes etc, throughout the year. This also includes 1 Recital ticket per student.
• Any Private students requiring examinations, this fee will be paid for by the parent/student.
• Direct debits can be set up to come out of your account each month.

All tuition payments are non refundable. Please note no cheques or cash.

Should you wish to discontinue your child’s music tuition at ISM Nepean, a minimum of four (4) week’s notice must be given to the school office. No refund will apply if students do not complete the full term.

• NO REFUNDS or MAKE UPS will be given. Missed lessons will not be refunded unless the teacher is unable to teach the class. Student sickness/early holidays/change of mind do not qualify for refund of tuition.

• Materials costs will not be refunded if the student discontinues lessons before completing the course.

• If your teacher is unable to teach a lesson due to illness or family emergencies, lessons will be rescheduled later or credit lesson in the following term.

• Make up lessons - other than special circumstances such as prolonged illnesses/injury, (will be at the discretion of the director) all absences will result in a forfeited lesson, even with advance notice. Lessons cannot be rearranged if something comes up, a clash of extracurricular activities occur, or they are on vacation, etc. Each time slot is reserved specifically for each student and cannot be allocated to another student. (Except for siblings). However, due to serious illness and if your child is contagious, 1 makeup lesson will be available per term only if the teacher has availability and at the discretion of the director.

• If your teacher is unable to teach a lesson due to illness or family emergencies, lessons will be rescheduled later or credit lesson in the following term.

• All Pianorama group classes have a minimum student number (4 students minimum) that needs to be reached for it to proceed and be financially viable. A class would normally be cancelled if numbers fall below the minimum. However, if the school believes that it will be beneficial for the students to remain together as a class, ISM Nepean, will advise parents to continue the class and adjust their fees at a Split Private (prorated) fee for either 2 or 3 students

• If a student joins a class part way through the course, the student must purchase the full materials.

• Due to copyright and intellectual property laws, each student must purchase their own new copy of the course materials (including CDs) from International School of Music. Siblings, friends and family members may not share materials.


ISM programmes are aurally based and it is important that the students are able hear and concentrate at all times. To avoid distractions to both the students and teacher please adhere to the following: -

Please note NO MOBILE PHONES/IPAD/LAPTOPS are to be used in the classroom. If you need to make a call or do work please do so in the waiting room.

Pianorama Junior (Age 4)
• A parent/guardian must accompany and participate with the child during the lesson.

• Siblings may attend if necessary but will never be included in the class activities or given instruments/crayons. It is the parent’s responsibility to take the sibling out if they are crying or causing a distraction. ISM programmes are aurally based and it is important that the students are able hear and concentrate at all times. Please do not take offense if your teacher asks you to take the sibling out of the class – they are prioritising the learning of the students in the class.

Pianorama Classes–Pianorama Junior, Pianorama Primary (5 and over)
•. No parent/guardian participation is required. We ask that if you are in the classroom to please assist your child or wait in the waiting room.

• Siblings may not attend.

• No food and drink is permitted inside the classroom except for baby bottles, which should not be placed on pianos or electrical equipment.

• Please do not touch the instruments with dirty hands. Wash your hands before you enter the classroom.

• Disruptive behaviour during classes will not be tolerated and offending students may be asked to leave the school at the discretion of the teacher and/or director.

• No student will be allowed to leave the premises without an accompanying parent/guardian. Whilst this may be inconvenient, our duty of care requires this.

• ISM reserves the right to on forward costs for the repair of any damages to the premises or instruments as a result of negligence by a member of attending families.

• AMEB practical exams are held twice a year in April/May and Nov/Dec of each year. Students wishing to sit for Piano exams either AMEB or Trinity will need to be willing to show commitment to daily practice. Once a student reaches Grade 4 and above, lessons will be held at the Cranebrook studio, as this has an acoustic piano suitable for the technical aspects required for the higher grades. Musicianship examinations are also available and are held in August of each year.